Friday, February 08, 2008

A sort of rant

I'm having one of those head/desk moments. You've probably heard by now about Davis Schuster being suspended for saying that Hilary Clinton is "pimping" out Chelsea. And you've probably seen some of the response across some, but by no means all, of lefty blogsalvania. "It's not a big deal." Really? It isn't a big deal to say that a leading candidate for the highest office in the country is a pimp, forcing her daughter to work as a prostitute? Are you kidding me?
There is no, none, zero, absolutely no excuse what so ever for it to have been said. Not for one moment.
Digby, as always, has an excellent post discussing this story.
I'm sick of crap like this. Did no one listen after New Hampshire? The honest truth of that day was that women voters showed up in droves to vote for Hilary Clinton. And a good part of it was because of the extreme misogyny of the press and yes, her opponents.
You know John Edwards was my candidate. I made sure to make my feelings known to his campaign about what he said in the days preceding New Hampshire. I thought they were low and beneath him as a serious candidate.
Well, Edwards is out. And I haven't (hadn't?) chosen a candidate. But, boy, I sure as help am leaning a lot more in the Clinton camp these days. Good for her for calling out Schuster and the good old boys at MSNBC for this crap. And good for NBC News for suspending him. Now get off your asses and discipline Chris Matthews. His behavior is as bad and worse.
Here's sort of the point of this ramble. Knock of the bullshit misogyny. Melissa's got yet another example of things that people are deeming acceptable in talking about Hilary Clinton. It's disgusting. And you have to wonder about the people who come up with things like this. They're deranged. They'd never ever do something like that to their own family members. It's evil.


Demeur said...

The decorum ended when "oil can Dick" said FU on the senate floor. That set the stage for our present rudeness. And our wonderful courts upheld the right to say such things as free speech. Where's mom with her bar of soap when we need her?

Anonymous said...

i wont be voting this year...

edwards or kucinich would have been my choice. I won't hold my nose and vote for another neocon...i don't care who Hillary's husband is or what great speeches Obama gives...they are both corporate sellouts and neither will change a goddamn thing