Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My day so far.

So, I think someone tried to break into my apartment this morning.
Around 6:30, I heard what sounded like my door locks being opened. For a second I thought, "wow, I've got super hearing and can hear some opening the neighbor's door." (Still half asleep at this time.) Then I thought, "wait a minute, can't be." So I put on my glasses and went out to check. Nothing appeared to be moved. The door was closed. But I noticed that the top lock on the door was open. So I turned it to locked and went to shower and get ready.
When I was ready to leave, I went to open the bottom lock. That was unlocked as well.
People, there is no way in Hell I went to bed last night without locking at least one lock on my door. I've never ever not fully locked my door.
I got to work and called the apartment office and asked to have the locks changed.
Which they did. And I checked, the keys work fine.
And on my way back to work I stopped at the store and bought a chain for the door.
Isn't that a splendid way to start off the day?


Emma said...

Holy crap! That would freak me right out. I've seen little wireless alarm things you can put on your door, too. It goes off if it senses movement. Might not be a bad idea, if they're not outrageously expensive.

shayera said...

Emma, you come up with the best ideas!
I'll check those out as well. I've currently got the chain on, as you can see from above. And I'm absolutely sure my door is locked.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Eeeks. I am glad you are OK.

You did the right thing and it will help keep you checking to make sure you lock the doors and stay safe.

billy pilgrim said...

Good show on the locks and the quick action.

Coincidentally enough,my office was burgled the other weekend; the dude came back that evening WHILE I WAS THERE.

Scared the water out of both of us, I think.... 911 responded really fast.

shayera said...

Billy, now that is ferociously scary! I would have to take a week off to recover.

Thanks AG.