Monday, April 21, 2008

Seriously insane

Woman branded witch, beheaded

This happened in a village not far from the city I was born in. It's hard for me to figure out just how far, because really, I haven't lived there in over 30 years. But this just happened. Thinks she's a witch and cuts her head off.
There are over 1 billion people in India. It's one of the fastest growing economies in the world.
And yet things like this still happen.

I'm planning a trip to India in November to attend the wedding of one of my cousins. My Mom is absolutely insistent that I do not fly into the country by myself. She is attempting to get plane tickets so that my Dad and I can fly in together. And my Dad is agreeing with that.
I'm 37 years old. My parents don't think it's safe for me to fly into the land of my birth on my own. If it was just my Mom saying this, I would roll my eyes. But my Dad is agreeing with her. They are actively concerned that I would be abused and molested if I flew by myself.
Isn't that just disheartening? And shameful.


Demeur said...

I've traveled quite a bit in my life. I know there are places I'd like to go back and see, but I also know that there are places I won't be seeing again because after so many years they're too dangerous. You might want to take your Dad up on the offer. Not that you aren't able to handle yourself. You just might be shocked at how things can change in an area.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Your parents can go bowling with the Uncannies.

Oh, invite his sisters because they think they have control over him too.

This is why Drew Barrymore was right to divorce 'em!

shayera said...

Demeur and AG, I'm actually sort of leaning towards it. I'm not peeved by traveling with my Dad. He's cool and we enjoy each other's company. I'm just peeved at the necessity of it.