Monday, May 05, 2008


Austrian police: Suspect's dungeon plans date back to 1978

Have you guys been following this story? This guy is totally sick and depraved. Apparently he started building the dungeon in 1978, and he imprisoned his daughter down there in 1984. So he started building it when she was 12. A year after he first started raping and abusing her. He planned a long long time for the terror he gave that poor woman.
And I seriously want him to pay. He deserves nothing more than to be locked up in the same manner that she was. No sunlight. The ceiling not more than 5'7". Apparently he leashed the woman to a wall for the first few months she was in captivity. So leash his ass up. He deserves to be down a hole for just as long as she was. Not to mention the poor children he fathered on her. By rape.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Yes, I have been following. The whole things is sick.

OT: I like the new photo!

shayera said...

Thanks AG!

This story makes me, as they say often, makes me feel stabby.