Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Well, phew, thanks for clearing that up!

`Jones': Real archaeologists don't have whips

::eyeroll:: Come on now! Is there anyone in the world anywhere who did actually think that Indiana Jones represented a real archaeologist? No one is that dumb.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Well, America voted for Bush. Twice.

Just sayin'...


shayera said...

You have a point, AG.

theseahag said...

Sophomore year of college, first day of Archeology class: half the girls in the class, myself included, give a little sigh of disappointment when our professor walks in looking nothing at all like Harrison Ford. I guess even when you know consciously that a preconception is silly, it still affects your expectations. He turned out to be a fantastic professor, though.

(Here via Shakesville, by the way. Hi.)

shayera said...

Hi theseahag.
Thanks for coming by.
I know exactly what you mean, by the way. My Archeology prof was a Jesuit priest. He, unfortunately, was not a good teacher by any stretch. But I still liked the class.

Emma said...

Never misunderestimate the stupidity of the American populace.