Thursday, June 05, 2008

"Misstated" Just another word for LIED!

Bush misstated Hussein's links to terrorism, Senate report finds

Just this morning I saw a poll that said the Bushie's got a 25% approval rate. Even the true believers are deserting him. But you notice that this article says "misstate" instead of the actual word "LIED" because that's what he did. George W. Bush lied to Congress and the American people to start the war that he wanted.
I know November is just around the corner. And January 20, 2009 is, what, 220 days or so away? But Bush and his lying pals need to be shown the door today. And by door, I mean jail cell door.
Last week it was all about Scott McClellen and his book. And the White House attempting to smear him with "disgruntled former employee" status. Well, McClellen wins no kudos for doing the right thing now. He was in a position to actually do something when it was meaningful. And what he chose to do was to help spread the lies.

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