Tuesday, July 29, 2008


A big one. Just rattled through about 40 minutes or so ago. And it's interesting watching this modern world. People "twittered" the whole thing.
Our phones and cell phones were down. But here at least, that was the worst thing that happened. ::knock on wood::
5.8, centered in Chino Hills. And felt from San Diego to Las Vegas.

updated with story: Strong quake shakes Southern California


Adorable Girlfriend said...

I was just about to e-mail! Glad you are doing OK.

shayera said...

thanks AG! Yeah, all fine here. I hope everything's on the shelves when I get home. But it was surprising.

Demeur said...

Wow you guys are doing the shake and bake down there. What's next the floods and the plague of locusts? Stay safe and don't forget the duck and cover routine.

sirlarkins said...

The first significant L.A. earthquake I've missed out on! Oh well, I'm sure we'll get ours eventually.

Re: cell phones going down. I've been thinking about that a bit lately, what with the disappearance of public phones. They're even taking them out of the Main Library here this year. So when there IS a disaster, no one's going to have access to working phones! I love how short-sighted our culture is. :/

shayera said...

Hi demeur, yeah, we're getting an interesting year, that's for sure. and this summer's not been particularly hot either. we've had stretches where we've been over 100, but only for a few days.

David, all the phones were out, not just the cell phones. In fact, the office phones went down, came back up and then went down again. It's been interesting.