Monday, July 07, 2008

Ha ha haha ha ha ha ::can't catch my breath::

California dreaming — can McCain win?

Hi John! Come and spend lots and lots of money here in California. Ignore those other states.
After all, you got 1,238,988 votes here in the primary.
Hilary Clinton, you know, not the Democratic nominee, well, she got 2,608,184 votes. The runner up Barack Obama, that guy you're running against? Well, he came in second place. He only got 2,186,662 votes.
Hey! Wait a minute! That's 947,674 more votes than you got. Hmm... that's a lot of votes.
But hey, you keep on thinking you've got a shot here. I needed that really good laugh.

California Primary Results from the New York Times

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Adorable Girlfriend said...

John McCain is clearly drinking the Bush Co. Kool-aid.