Friday, August 22, 2008

So, Biden?

Huh. Well, we'll see. That's what CNN is saying.
I haven't gotten a text yet. So we'll see.

I'm hoping Gammpy McLoser picks Joe Liarman.
But I'd settle for Richie Romney.

It would be fantastic to watch Obama/Biden take them apart.


Demeur said...

Yeeouw what happened to the blog layout! I thought I just walked into a five year olds' birthday party. Just a bit much Shayera don't you think? You haven't been smokin that wacky tabacky have you?

Looks like the multi positional Romney is the current guess. And how is it that MSM can't find out about the crimes of Bush and Cheny but they sure can spoil a candidates' ability to make a grand announcement.

shayera said...

I'm just trying some things. We'll see where I settle. :-)

Christina said...

Oh my word!! Wanted to comment on Biden but was overtaken by...The DOTS!!!! Yowza that loads weird and trippy ;-)

I like Biden. Good choice IMHO. He'll be tough and scrappy and passionate and balance out things Obama needed. Got my text at 2am! WTF?