Saturday, September 13, 2008

A chicken might come home to roost.

As you might have heard, Alaskan legislators have okay subpoenas for 13 people in the Troopergate investigation. One of those subpoenas for "first dude" Todd Palin.
Now it goes to the Senate President to be approved before moving forward. Lawmakers vote to subpoena Palin's husband, aides
And that's where the chicken comes home. There is a tape of Sarah Palin on the radio with 2 right wing hosts who mocked an Alaskan legislator for many things. Palin sat there and never asked the hosts to stop. Sarah Palin's just fine with vicious sexist smears ... of her foes
Who was that legislator being mocked and abused you ask? Why that would be Alaskan Senate President Lyda Green.
Normally I'd hope that the President would proceed with objectivity. This time I hope Green sticks it to them.

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