Monday, September 08, 2008

Could any of us qualify?

Vetting h/t to Lindsay Beyerstein

Robert Reich posts what he was asked for 16 years ago when President Clinton asked him to be on his Cabinet. I've going to quote a good chunk and you guys should go read the whole thing.
Sixteen years ago, Bill Clinton’s “vetting” team asked me and other prospective cabinet members for (1) our tax returns, going back at least five years, (2) our bank records, (3) a detailed listing of our assets, (4) the names and places of everywhere we had lived, and the names and phone numbers of neighbors whom they could call about us, (5) a description of every job we had ever had, every client we had ever served, and the names of employers and clients with whom they could check, (6) the names of our family members, their ages, their occupations (if any), (7) a description of any civil or criminal investigations or prosecutions in which we had been involved (8) and – perhaps most importantly – “anything we should ask you about, the answer to which might cause you or the administration any embarrassment.”

Wow. I'm intimidated just reading that.
I sort of believe that you should be held to a higher standard when you serve the American people. That description above is definitely a higher standard.
Anyone out there believe Palin went through this rigorous a screening?


SC Pitts said...

I think the only "criteria" McCain camp cared about was whether (a) she was breathing; (b) was her mindset stuck in "neanderthal" mode; and, (c) was she capable of swinging out like a clawed cat on command. Check, check, check.

Demeur said...

This is almost the same criteria for security clearance.
As for Palin they're still vetting her and it's not looking good. Seems she likes to write off her kids on her state expense account. Check out Blah3 for more on this.