Tuesday, September 23, 2008

even with huge questions, Georgia ready to kill a man

Georgia set to execute man for officer's death

The state of Georgia apparently has George W levels of bloodlust. 7 of the 9 people who testified have recanted their testimony. There was no, none at all, physical evidence linking Davis to the murder. But Georgia is barreling ahead to murder him. And the US Supreme Court is willing to hear the case. 4 days after Georgia murders him.
I do not support the death penalty. I'm pretty sure that all of you would know that about me. And this is the perfect example of why I'm so against it. There appears to be evidence that Troy Davis did not murder the police officer. And yet the state is rejecting the evidence. What happens when exculpatory evidence is discovered after Davis' murder? There are plenty of cases when new DNA tests have proven people innocent. What happens should this happen in the Davis case? The man has been in jail almost 20 years. And the state is about to kill him. What happens should incontrovertible proof comes out that Davis did not murder the police officer? He'll have been imprisoned and killed for something he didn't do.

::updated:: Supreme Court gives Ga. man last-minute execution reprieve

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Danny said...

Thats what happens when you have a court system that doesn't want to admit the possibility that they were wrong. The reason they want to wait until after his execution is so they can setup an, "Unfortunately we didn't get this information until after Mr. Davis's death." defense. Sure they will offer a sum of money to his surviving relatives but you can bet they will fight tooth and nail to make sure his conviction stays on the record. All so that some prosecutor can have a notch in his/her belt...