Monday, September 29, 2008

Fast 4 Equallity

Okay, so, here in California there's a movement by the religious bigots to pass an amendment to the California Constitution banning gay marriage. If you remember, earlier this year the California Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage was legal. Which got the haters and bigots in a tizzy.
So Proposition 8 on the ballot in November will be for banning gay marriage. On the positive side, it looks like the measure will be going down in defeat. As it should. But the religious bigots have been pumping lots of money into the cause. And last week a bunch of hate filled preachers announced a "relay fast" to help get the measure passed.
This diary at Calitics will explain. Prop. 8: The Relay Fast

So being a smart bunch, some of the smart folks at Calitics (full disclosure: I occasionally blog there as well.) have come up with a counter fast:
Fast4Equality - Fight Prop. 8 With a Brief Fast!
Come sign up and fast for a bit.

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Demeur said...

Not to belittle this issue but have you seen what HHS wants to permit hospitals and pharmacists to do? They want to let doctors and pharmacists with hold medical treatment if it violates a personnal objection. In other words no morning after pills for rape victims etc. Our senator Patty Murray sent a letter expressing her displeasure over this.

What happened to the hypocratic oath here?