Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I wish I was this eloquent

The Sarah Palin pity party

Rebecca Traister, at Salon, writes what I've been saying to my friends for the last month. I don't feel bad for Sarah Palin. She chose to step into the national spotlight. If she's willing to do that, she should be willing to take the same knocks as the other candidate. Let's be clear, she should not have to endure the ridiculous "vpilf" garbage, or the comments about her family or her looks. But criticism of what she's actually done is absolutely valid.

Look, she's showing up to the debate on Thursday. This is a job interview. Honestly, that's what it is. When you want a job, people ask you questions. She wants to be the #2. We, her possible employers, have the right to ask questions. And not to ask the hard questions to Joe Biden and the easy questions to her. She wants to step up to the big game. Ask the big game questions.
She's debated before. She's had to, to be elected Governor of Alaska. It's time to look for those debates. She's not a stupid woman, no matter how much that frustrates me.
Enough with the "Be nice, she's new (a girl), blah blah blah.

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