Thursday, September 04, 2008

Of course, she's the one telling the ACTUAL lies

Palin: Democrats spreading misinformation and lies

Listen, you knew what was in your background before you opened yourself up to the circus. Now don't complain when you're being called out for your easily factchecked lies!
The TPM Muckrackers have been following her even before she hit the "big stage" last night.


Demeur said...

Well let me pile on and if this doesn't get your goat I don't know what will. Seems Palin wanted to and did bully a librarian when she was mayor.

If this link doesn't work pop over to watertigers and tell her I sent you.

BookBukNut said...

Palin is such a complete idiot I am about ready to spew. And yeah, every librarian worth her salt should be totally outraged by her views on censorship. In my mind, Palin sets women's rights backwards not forward!