Friday, September 12, 2008

Really? You're going to stick with that one?

McCain campaign defends Palin's inquiry into banning books

It definitely appears that she did not inquire about banning any specific items.
But I would assume that any competent public library anywhere across the country would have in place a policy for reviewing a challenged book. The article seems to imply that all Palin was doing was inquiring about the policy.
Well, if that's what she wanted to know about, that's what she should have asked to see.
Taylor Griffin, a spokesman for the McCain campaign, said Thursday that Palin asked the head librarian, Mary Ellen Emmons, on three occasions how she would react to attempts at banning books. He said the questions, in the fall of 1996, were hypothetical and entirely appropriate. He said a patron had asked the library to remove a title the year before and the mayor wanted to understand how such disputes were handled.

Records on the city's Web site, however, do not show any books were challenged in Wasilla in the 10 years before Palin took office.
bolding's mine.

There is no defense for the inquiry. There are professionals who are hired to deal with book challenges. They are called librarians. They are trained to know how to deal with challenges. Let the professionals do their jobs. Without threatening to fire them.

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