Tuesday, September 02, 2008


McCain camp calls media's coverage of Palin 'offensive'

Aw! Boo hoo! You know what I find offensive? The McCain campaign foisting an obviously completely unvetted candidate on to the nation scene simply because she's a woman.
Didn't it feel like there were new revelations coming out every single hour yesterday?
The McCain campaign's feelings are hurt because the bbq crew is turning on him.


Demeur said...

I'm glad you're looking past the political spin. It seems strange that McCain would pick Palin when there are several republican women out there with more experience and better credentials. My only guess is that they couldn't pass the criminal background check. : )

shayera said...

I was never snowed by the political spin. TPM has been pointing out Palin's faults for months. And since I read them, I've been plenty aware of her short comings.

SC Pitts said...

In my opinion, McCain's ego couldn't handle an equally yoked VP candidate -- he wants the spotlight all for himself. He's always been that way. And, whatever "calculated move" it was to pick Palin by whomever -- that's just totally blown up in his face. Its just making Obama-Biden look better and better.