Wednesday, September 03, 2008

unfit for duty

Report: Palin sent e-mails complaining of trooper

Look, the guy may be an absolute asshole. Which to all accounts, he might be. But Palin really can not use the power of her office to attack him. And then lie and cover it up. She's a perfect Republican. And I do not mean that in a complimentary manner.


Demeur said...

Just one question to consider. If Palin was the one who took on the republican party in Alaska why would the bulk of republicans support her? Isn't that like having a traitor in your camp?

SC Pitts said...

Palin was trying to get back at this trooper because he was her sister's ex-HB, correct? (That's what's alleged, anyway.)

Palin sure does seem to fit in with her fellow Republicans, I will give her that. Unfortunately typical. Her selection, and the RNC 2008 convention, should show anyone and everyone hoping for change that it is NOT McCain who will be the avenue for it.