Friday, September 12, 2008

Use it or Lose it.

2 years ago Chris Bowers came up with the "Use it or Lose it" campaign. It was designed to get Congressmembers without much competition and with fat wallets to loosen the strings and get some money out to races that could use a hand.
My friend Lucas O'Connor (with a bit of an assist by me) has put together a list of Democratic Congressmembers who can afford to open their wallets quite a bit.

This link is to a spreadsheet that lists all the members who can afford to give. If you are so inclined, could you take a look and maybe make a few phone calls encouraging them to give.

::bumping:: 'cause i want to get eyes on this.


Demeur said...

Just curious how this would work. We have Darcy Burner up here who's running against Dave Reichart. It looks like she might have a good chance of unseating Dave this time around.

shayera said...

D, Darcy was the one who reminded me of it. I was at a fundraiser for her on Tuesday when she mentioned it. As you know, she's absolutely my favorite candidate.
You can't ask the House members to donate to a specific campaign. But you can ask them to give to the DSCC's "red to blue" and "races to watch". That gets the money out there.