Monday, October 20, 2008

::eye twitching:: feminist left? WTF?

McCain defends Palin from 'feminist left' in new stump speech

I'm absolutely sure they'll change the title at some point. "Feminist left"? Seriously, there's something wrong with being a feminist now? (Well, okay, I do know of the right's constant hatred of women and they fact that we do actually have rights.)
He really has descended to the caricature of Grandpa Simpson hasn't he? "Stupid clouds!"


Demeur said...

Palin's going even further right than McCain. Come on Shayera you know the far right has always hated feminists, gays, blacks and jews unless of course they can be used to promote neocon ideals.
Gannon, Powell, and Lieberman come to mind? Use them and throw them away.

Adli Yusof said...


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