Monday, October 13, 2008

The view from my walk about an hour ago.

What's responsible for all that smoke?, you ask.

The Sesnon Fire would be the answer. About a mile from my branch. About 6 miles from my house.


sirlarkins said...

I took similar photos the last time the branch was closed due to encroaching fires. When was that? 2003? Ah memories.

Seriously though, you guys are in my thoughts and I hope everything comes through fine.

shayera said...

Thanks David. We were closed today. And we're going to be closed tomorrow too! Can you believe it?
The police and fire are using the branch as command center. I really want to get back there.
I spent the whole day in the area office today. Behaving myself. So you can imagine how exhausted I am. ;-)

Demeur said...

Hope you keep a bag packed and your ears open. I was down there in the early 80s during a San Bernadino fire and then one by Frisco. No fun at all looking out your motel window to see them dropping flame retardant.

shayera said...

I've been really lucky so far. Home wise, the fires have never come near me. But this is the third time in 5 years that my work has been affected. We're really lucky to be next to a fire station though. They take brilliant care of us. Apparently the police and fire used the branch as their staging area. You'd never be able to tell. The place looked perfect when I went in this morning.
I'll be glad to get back to a "normal" day tomorrow. It's been an extremely unsettled week!