Saturday, November 01, 2008


No on 8

updated to include this commercial. Friends of mine made it.:

Obama is going to win California. By a massive, gigantic margin. That's absolutely not in question.
But Proposition 8 is too close at this time. And it can not pass. If Prop 8 passes, hatred and discrimination becomes codified in the California Constitution. I am not being hyperbolic.
James Dobson and Tony Perkins and the Mormon Church are doing their very best to get the haters to the polls. And they've got A LOT of money.

I do not have any patience for people who support 8. I will not listen to the bullshit people who tell me "well, it's in the Bible." Well, nice choosing what you want to believe. I guess the part where Jesus Christ said to love everybody doesn't count.
I will not be polite to the idiots who try to pace their signs on my property and City property. I've been overjoyed to argue with ridiculous woman who tried to put her sign outside my library the other day. And when she told me I was going to Hell and that she was going to call the Mayor's office? Well, that made me even happier. I offered her my cell phone to call. Who'd want to spend an eternity in Heaven with a self righteous bigot anyway? Ick!
Just say no to bigotry. Vote no on 8.
And if you know someone who lives in California, please, speak to them and make sure they are also voting no on 8.

No on 8.
NO on 8.
NO ON 8.
NO ON 8!!!

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