Sunday, November 30, 2008

What is wrong with these parents?

Born to Run? Little Ones Get Test for Sports Gene

This is crazy talk. And here's the bit that irritated me to no end:
“I could see how some people might think the test would pigeonhole your child into doing fewer sports or being exposed to fewer things, but I still think it’s good to match them with the right activity,” Ms. Campiglia, 36, said as she watched a toddler class at Boulder Indoor Soccer in which Noah struggled to take direction from the coach between juice and potty breaks.

“I think it would prevent a lot of parental frustration,” she said.

Children playing sports is not about your stupid, ridiculous parental frustration. Get the fuck over yourself. It's about your kid having fun and being with its peers. Or is that an unheard of concept for you? Is it just about winning?
This is the most frivolous use of genetic testing I've ever heard of.

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Demeur said...

Gee you don't think looking at Mom, Dad, Grandpa and Grandma would give a clue as to a kids ability? Then there's the fact that maybe the kid hates sports.