Monday, December 08, 2008

He's got to be kidding

Merrill's Thain seeking 2008 bonus of $10 million: report

'Cause there is no possible way he asked for that kind of money with a straight face. Remember last week when those automaker CEO's were all pledging to work for a dollar and begging for money? Why are they treated with less respect than this douchnozzle? Thain has got to be out of his fucking mind if he thinks that he is going to get the money.


Demeur said...

If the Republic Window and Door situation gets any worse B of A might not have the money to pay him a nickle. B of A is pissing off a lot of people.

Demeur said...

Oh and I've told my own bank that if they change the terms of my account then my money will grow legs and walk out the door. I suspect that they'll try to do that in the next few months. No it's not B of A but one of those other troubled banks.

shayera said...

B of A "conceded" at least a bit today. They've got a ton of gall, since they walked off with quite a bit of taxpayer money.