Thursday, January 01, 2009

A childhood memory

I mentioned this in a comment I made over at Blue Girl's place. And the memory of it made me happy, so I decided to share.
I grew up in a little town just outside of Syracuse, NY, called Baldwinsville. It's a very cute little town. I had a few good friends. The two I mostly hung out with were Heather Fraser and Michelle Whirley. Heather and her family lived out at the edge of a farm. And they pulled off the most fun party I even went to as a child.
I can't remember how old I was when this memory happened, I think maybe 13 or 14.
It was sometime during the age when you're just old enough to be sick of being dragged to you're relative's house. Which is exactly what was happening. My Mom told my brother and I to get "dressed properly" to go to my Aunt's place. After much whining and moaning, we did.
I actually remember still whinging about it while getting ready to get in the car. All of a sudden, a big van pulled into the drive way. "Get in", Heather yelled from the back seat. I turned around, and my Mom and Dad had huge grins on their faces. And Mom had a packed duffel bag in her hands.
"What's going on?" (Reasonable question, right?"
"You guys are being kidnapped! Get in the van."
Yup, a kidnapping party. A reverse surprise party. All the guests were the ones who got surprised.
All the parents were in on it, but none of us kids had any clue.
The boys had to go home, but the girls got to stay over night.
And there were kittens to play with. And a field we played maze tag in. And for breakfast waffles and ice cream.
Good times.

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