Saturday, January 31, 2009

One in which I point fingers

Talking Banks and Sex

Now isn't that an interesting idea? As the article says, women are less ego driven than men. Think about it this way, Muhammad Yunus and Wangari Maathai won Nobel Prizes for their projects that are directly aimed at women. Yunis' Grameen bank loans only to women. Maathai's tree project specifically helps women. Did you know that her husband divorced her in the '80s, saying that she was too strong minded? And that the judge agreed with her husband and she was jailed?
Listen, I am in no way "anti-male" or "anti-men". But let's be honest, a good portion of the world's problems have been caused by men's massive egos. Try and say what you want, but men run the world. And the world is currently fucked.

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