Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Scene at Trader Joes

Me, in pipe line (12 items or less line), with 1 (one) can of soup in my hand.
2 people in front of me. Each with about 5 or 6 items in their baskets.

Me: (thinking own thoughts)

Woman in line behind me: (tapping shoulder) Excuse me? I'm talking to you. Can i get ahead of you? I'm in a hurry. (I look at her cart, she's got about 18 items).

Me: I've got one can of soup. This is the express lane.

Woman behind me: I'm in a hurry.

Me: ::blank stare::

Man behind her: Are you kidding?

Man in front of me: Wait, that's all you have? Go ahead of me.

Woman behind me: So I can't go before you? ::Grabs cart and gets out of line. Hitting me in the hip as she huffs off.::

Me, to man in front of me: Thank you, you're very kind.

Man in front: oh, hey no problem.

(Smiles are exchanged.)
I check out.
Cranky woman has also finished checking out and is walking out at the same time I am.
I'm ignoring her.

Her: (hissed through teeth) Bitch.


Christina said...

oh that is so ridiculous!!! Love it that the one guy asked "Are you kidding?"

Sound like a Republican who got lost and wandered into Trader Joe's by mistake :-)

shayera said...

It's the neighborhood. It brings out the nuts. The other people in line were great, though. The guy in front of me had a shaved head and all sorts of tattoos on his head, but he was so nice.
Tammy says I should have waited for her in the parking lot and hit her with my soup. lol