Tuesday, February 03, 2009

This? This is bullshit.

Dating 101: Should You Worry About the Work Spouse?

You know what the "work spouse" is? It's laying the grounds for a sexual harassment suit.
Unless you actually work with your significant other, you SHOULD NOT have a "work spouse."
My mind just boggles at people who ask questions like this. A friend of mine used to refer to her boss as her "work spouse" and he referred to her as his "work wife." Well, last month he fired her. So much for that special relationship, huh.


Emma said...

Seriously? I never heard of this "work spouse" silliness. How could anyone think that's a good idea?

shayera said...

I know. It's such an absurdity. And it really would be a massive liability for the company. Can you just imagine?

Adorable Girlfriend said...

I've heard of it.

The thing is -- I work for Jewish doctors. So, Shayera knows AG's deal.

La. La.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to have a "work boyfriend." Breakups don't hurt as much, then! :D