Thursday, April 30, 2009

Don't forget the librarians, Mr. Card

NOM Board Member Advocates Criminalization of Homosexuality,
Overthrow of Government
People For the American Way calls on group to reject remarks

National Organization of Marriage board member Orson Scott Card has called for the CRIMINALIZATION of sex between same sex couples. And he's also called for the OVERTHROW of the government should same sex marriage be permitted.

So. Speechless.

Mr. Card should remember the power of librarians. I'm telling you right now that I will never purchase another one of his books. Not for my branch and definitely not for myself. I'll be (politely) contacting his publishers. And, by the way, passing his comments on to my colleagues. We're not exactly known for not standing up for rights. Ask Michael Moore who made sure that "Stupid White Men" got published. That would be librarians.
I'm not saying that Card doesn't have a right to open his mouth and let anything he wants come out of it. I am saying though, that I have a right to disagree with him, make sure my friends and colleagues know what he said, and to make my displeasure know. If that results in Card losing book sales, well, too bad for him.
Homophobia and calls for violence should never be rewarded.

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