Thursday, April 16, 2009

Please go and read these

Abuse of Power:
The Bush Administration's Secret Legal Memos

The ACLU has the 4 memos released today by the Obama Administration. These detail the torture techniques used by the CIA interrogators. These things were done in our name. In the name of the American people. The Administration has said that the agents who committed these acts will not be prosecuted. I do not agree with that decision. But I guess I have to see where they are coming from in making it.
Read these documents. I warn you, you will be horrified and distraught. But you must read for yourself and know what was done.


Demeur said...

The real issue here is will anyone investigate and prosecute these crimes. This is not something that can be swept under the rug with words like reflection of the past. And the "I was just following orders" would not cut it at the Haig as it didn't work for the Nazis.

I see Spain has just dropped their investigation of Bush Cheney. I wonder how much that cost U.S. taxpayers?

Demeur said...

Update: After a little reasearch I find that Spain has not dropped its investigation but that was a statement by Spain's attorney general who does not have the final say. (via NY Times)
Then there's a statment by John Conyers released 4/17/09:
If this every gets going full tilt it will make the OJ trial and Watergate look like a tea party (oops did I actually say that?).