Friday, May 22, 2009

And then that happened

(First of all, sorry for the very extended absence, I've been traveling and will be again next week.)

So anyway, I'm sitting on my couch, in my apartment. From my sliding door I can see a couple knocking on the door of the apartment next door. They're out there about 5 minutes, just knocking away. And then they move on to my door. It's too late to avoid, they've seen me on the couch. So I answered, even though they're obviously no one I'm expecting. "Hello Ms. Tangri (how'd they know my name, btw?) we're here to talk to you about the teachings of Jesus." "No thank, I'm not interested." And I start to close the door. "But if you're not saved, you'll go to Hell," says the man,as he sticks his foot in the door. "No thank you and remove your foot." And I closed the door. He barely got his foot out in time. Then they stood out there, knocking away. "Won't you please hear the Word?" (I had some words I was willing to share with him. I just don't think he'd have appreciated it.) It was only after I threatened to call the police that they moved on. After sliding some "literature" under my door.
So what I want to know is 1) how'd they know my name? 2) who let them into the apartment complex? 3) when did they become so persistent?

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