Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The younger generation of Cheneys are as arrogant as the older

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Liz Cheney Defends Dad On MSNBC: He "Has An Obligation To Speak Out" (VIDEO)

She (I swear to God)compares her father's speaking out in support of waterboarding to Al Gore's global warming activism. Dumbfounded. Waterboarding is a medieval form of torture. Liz is an idiot.


Demeur said...

Sounds like daddy's taught her well. What's the expression? A chip off the old block. These guys have been watching too much 24. Somebody want to tell them that's fiction?

Sorry I won't go to the link I already saw it once. Not worth repeating.

Agi said...

We hardly ever saw Dick Cheney for the last eight years. Now he and his spawn are everywhere! I wish they'd all return to his underground bunker.