Saturday, June 06, 2009

I got an email

Which I'm not going to actually reproduce here. But it was from the LAPD. This year Police and Fire are going to be taking some budget hits as well as the rest of the City departments. Have I mentioned before that Police and Fire account for 70% of the City's ENTIRE budget? And that for the last 2 years their budgets have not been touched AT ALL? Yup, 30% of the City services have been adjusting to try and cover the deficits the City has faced. The City Council found $26 million. Which went to LAPD, so that they could continue hiring officers. Since Mayor Villaraigosa made it his priority to have 10,000 officers across the City. Well, sorry, I think that money could have been better spent.
And so today I get an email from LAPD asking me to sign their petition asking the Mayor not to cut their budget.
And I'm just not going to sign it. In fact,

Dear LAPD,
Hi, as a fellow City of Los Angeles employee, maybe you'd like to support the rest of us City workers. After all, we've been taking hits for the last 2 years. We can't order basic supplies. Nor get work done on our buildings. And we're facing layofffs.
Maybe you could see your way around to supporting us.

Full disclosure, I am an employee of the City of Los Angeles. This entry was written on my own time and on my own computer. Not using City resources.

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