Monday, June 01, 2009

Well boo hoo to them

Abortion foes fear backlash to Tiller's murder

Fuck you AP. I'm supposed to feel bad that a group of people who actively harass and HAVE BEEN SHOWN TO BE VIOLENT are worried about "backlash" because a member of THEIR MOVEMENT committed MURDER and domestic terrorism? Yeah, well, frankly I don't give a damn about them. In this country a woman has the right of choice. That is the LAW!! Anti-choice groups are protesting the law of the land.
This murder happens less than a month after anti-choice protesters caused endless scenes at Notre Dame when the President was there.
I don't give a fucking damn that anti choice harassers are worried that they're going to face a backlash.
I do give many a damn that a good and decent man, who dedicated his life to helping women in need was brutally and senselessly murdered. I care about the family he eaves behind. I care about the women he helped. They're the ones who are important. Not the bullies. Them I couldn't care less about.


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