Thursday, July 30, 2009

Does anyone remember what an apology is?

1. An acknowledgment expressing regret or asking pardon for a fault or offense.
1. A formal justification or defense.
2. An explanation or excuse: “The consequence of those measures will be the best apology for my conduct” (Daniel Defoe).
3. An inferior substitute: The sagging cot was a poor apology for a bed.

[Latin apologia, from Greek apologiā : apo-, apo- + logos, speech.]

SYNONYMS apology, apologia, defense, justification. These nouns denote a statement that excuses or defends something, such as a past action or a policy: arguments that constituted an apology for capital punishment; published an apologia expounding her version of the events; a defense based on ignorance of the circumstances; an untenable justification for police brutality.

I ask this seriously in a mocking tone.
The above is the definition of apology. When I was a child, I was taught to admit what I did and say I was sorry.
Not "if I insulted anyone I apologize." It was "I did something wrong and I acknowledge what SPECIFICALLY it was and beg your forgiveness."
I am disgusted by the professional non apology that prevails today.
"I'm sorry if anyone was offended by my calling Professor Gates a jungle monkey."
"Jungle Monkey" email jeopardizes Boston Officer's job WTF?
"I apologize if anyone was insulted because I called the University of Notre Dame's football players dance a faggot dance." Hawaii coach apologizes for gay slur Again, WTF?
In what world do either of these men think, as their mouth is opening or their fingers are typing that those are appropriate terms to use?
Nowhere at all in society is it appropriate.
And followed by the "if anyone was insulted, hurt, etc, I apologize.

Not adequate. Stand up and admit what you did. Say you're sorry that you didn't bother to engage your brain. And that you realize it was inappropriate and hurtful to the people you directed it to.

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