Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Talk about an f*ed up set of priorites

I listen to terrestrial radio. At home, in the car and I usually stream y favorite radio station in my office most days.
So, this morning, I was driving back to my library and I heard the DJ on a station I listen to occasionally say that, "wow, sucks to be Adam Yauch right now." He went on to expound about how the Beastie Boys have a new album and tour already to go, but now they have to cancel it because of Adam's cancer. And what a bummer it must be, losing money that way.
Yauch is apparently going in for surgery this week and is expected to make a full recovery. Thank goodness. And many good wishes to him and his family.
But the DJ's words angered me to no end. You know, it does suck to be Adam Yauch right now. BECAUSE HE HAS CANCER! I'll bet you millions of dollars (offer void everywhere) that Yauch really isn't concerned about a temporary loss of income. He and his band mates are talented gentlemen. They'll be back to work when Yauch is well and they're ready.
You know what does suck Mr. radio DJ? What sucks is losing your life to cancer. Which, very luckily, won't happen to Adam. Maybe you should stop and think before you flap your mouth. You you really think that money is the first thing on his mind right now? I'll bet you more of those imaginary millions that it isn't.

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