Monday, August 31, 2009

It's become a feature not a bug

Firefighters try to battle back Station fire from Acton, Mt. Wilson

A friend and I were talking about the fires this morning. It's become a regular event here in Southern California.
This morning I can smell the smoke inside my house and at work. It's a lot more orange out that it should be. And there's a gentle haze in the air.
Even though the fire is no where near here.
Keep a good thought in your mind for all the firefighters and support involved in fighting this.


Josephine Pizarro said...

My blessing for those firefighters working so hard. It's strange sometimes how some places can be so calm yet at the same time other areas are in such terrible situations.

Demeur said...

I was begining to be concerned about you with a lack of posts. Now I realize that's happening more south and east. And thank god there's no Santa Ana winds.

dannicash said...

Why was California easily got razed? Is it really hot there?