Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dear "Democratic" Senators

Why do you bother? Seriously. Please tell me why you even pretend anymore that you give a damn about the actual American citizen. You're so damn scared of losing the support of your corporate masters that you don't care that you're losing the support of your voters.
Are you so cocooned up on Capitol Hill that you can ignore the fact that people are literally dying every single day because they can't afford basic health care?
I'm ashamed of you.
But then, you don't really care what I think do you? You just want me to keep sending you money for your re-election. That won't be happening.
Get it from your corporate masters. After all, they have better protection and more rights than I do as a human being.
Love and kisses,


Ben Rubinstein said...

Wham bam thank you Mam!

Powderroom said...

The problem, really, is that seems like only a megalomaniac would want to be a Senator.

blue girl said...

Did you read Frank Rich yesterday, Shayera? It'll make your head hurt and your heart break.