Friday, September 04, 2009

The stupid, it burns

You know, when I was in school, it was Carter, Reagan and Bush.
And the teachers would drag out the televisions for many a Presidential rambling.
Especially when Reagan was in office. Ah those meandering speeches of his.
But apparently this President speaking to schoolchildren is the most horrible thing ever.

George Bush sat in a class room, struck dumb, after being told a SECOND plane had flown into the World Trade Center. He went into a class full of children, knowing that one plane had already been flown into the twin towers. George Bush went ahead with a photo opportunity with school children after he was told the country was under attack.

It's not quite the same comparison, I agree. I hope that we don't ever have to find out how Barack Obama would react in a similar tragedy. (I would bet every single thing I own that he wouldn't react the same way as Bush did.)
But here's the thing, I bet you the children in that class had both Republican and Democratic parents. I bet no Democratic parent said, "well, I'm not letting my child be in class with Bush there." That would be assholey. And immature. And Disrespectful.
The people up in arms because THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES has the NERVE, the GALL to address school children need to 1. get over it, 2. stop being racist ('cause "scary black man" is telling their kids to study and stay in school) and 3. grow the fuck up.


dawn said...

Wow, totally agree with you. I just spent almost all of tonight arguing this point in a Facebook thread!

Demeur said...

Hey if the rethugs don't want their kids finishing school or studying hard then I say fine let em. We always need a few more ditch diggers.

Anonymous said...

Well, you might have to re-think this and give up everything you own if you look out how Obama reacted when he first was on TV after the Fort Hood shootings.....

During the Presidential address on Nov. 5, 2009, President Obama gave a shout out to his friend, cracked a joke with the media and continued talking about his Native American meeting instead of addressing the nation in the tragedy that took place at Fort Hood.