Sunday, September 06, 2009


Wait, we're told.
"We've" only just got power.
You have to be patient, change will come.
We need 60 Senators.
80% of the PUBLIC supports a PUBLIC option.

So. Let's see. What's waiting gotten us?
The Lily Ledbetter Act. Signed into law on January 29th.
Sonya Sotomayor, Supreme Court Justice. Who was SLANDERED by Republicans on her way to confirmation, by the way.

But my gay and lesbian friends? Well, they're told to wait. DADT and DOMA continue under this Administration.
Health care reform? Wait, we're told. It's coming.
But Republicans are not negotiating in earnest. Nor are they going to vote for the final bill. They've told us this in no uncertain terms.

After 2006, when Democrats had majorities in both Houses, the constant refrain was "keep the powder dry." Well, the powder is massive. And completely dry. 52 million people voted for a new way.
But so far, we've gotten more of the same. Oh, I don't think Obama is a clone of Bush. And I do believe he has the actual good of the people in mind.
But time and again he shows weakness by insisting on bipartisanship.
And let's be clear, Republicans are not interested in working for the common good. They're very clear that what they're interested in is impeding any sort of change.
It's time to shut them down and shut them out.
We can not afford to wait any more.

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Demeur said...

Remember it did take 20 years to get Medicare but I think this will happen a bit sooner as the economic consequences will be on us shortly. The healthe care providers know this (I've heard it from my own Dr.) Big Pharma knows it (that's why you can get $10 generics) And the insurance companies know it but they are fighting to squeeze every nickle of profit before the system changes. Oh this will get done. And what's the alternative? Vote the Democrates out and put in republicans? I didn't think you'd go for that.