Tuesday, October 27, 2009

There should be no moderates in this debate

Moderate Democrats cool to government-run health plan

The Library of American Comics has just put out a collection of early Bloom County comic strips. (Stay with me on this, I promise it's germane.) You know what I've noticed a lot? Other than the fact that there is NO WAY he'd get the strips he published then by the current publishers of the Washington Post, that many of the things he was talking about in the days of Reagan is still around! From 1982 the jokes about health care reform are still exactly the same! In the "people wand affordable, public health care like MOST OF THE REST OF THE WORLD" sort of way.
So please, there is no moderation in this debate. There are legislators who want to move the country towards caring for everybody.
And there are obstructionists.
There are no moderates.

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