Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dear President Obama,

I like you, I really do. I mean, hell, I didn't make all those calls and knock on all those doors 2 years ago because I didn't.
But man, am I disappointed in you. A year ago you came into office and promised hope. You had a Democratic supermajority in the Senate to work with! You have 256 Democrats in the House! Nancy Pelosi is a fierce Democrat! But you won't work with them. You'll make them work for compromise, middle of the road or worse positions.
Don't get me wrong, there has been a shitload of things accomplished that are fantastic. I mean, after all, you did sign the Ledbetter Act into law. And the bank bailouts were important. Too bad you didn't require anything from them before you gave them billions of our dollars. But let's not quibble.
And God knows, you've had an awesome shitload of unexpected crap happen. Pirates? I mean, come on!

I know you're not going to care about what I think. And hell, I don't even think anyone other than me will end up reading this.
So let me tell you why I'm upset and disheartened.
Want to know what I see? I see you aim for compromise all. the. damn. time. And hey, that's great and all. After all, there are people other than Democrats in this country. But you never EVER seem to stand for any of our Democratic ideals. I am a FIERCE pro choice advocate. Have you bothered to protect reproductive rights at all? Not that I can see. Stupak and Nelson should never ever have been able to include their amendments.
Do you have any idea how many gay and lesbian friends I have? Want me to tell you how much it hurts me to see them treated like second class citizens? Why am I having to point out that being gay shouldn't be a reason for denying a person the basic human right of marriage? Or prevent them from serving our country in the armed forces?
I saw banks and Wall Street getting billions of dollars. But you know what I don't see? Poor people getting any help. How many people are living off credit cards? Did you ever think of really actually doing something about credit card reform? I don't see that you did. Rates are still out of control. They're going to be paying the cards off forever. Forget any kind of savings that will allow them to be able to purchase a home of their own ever.
You notice I haven't said a thing about health care? Yeah, 'cause that subject fucking breaks my heart. I'm so damn lucky that I have adequate health care, courtesy of my employer. But you know who I deal with every single day? People who don't! People who can't afford to do to the same. Why can't our government do something about this? People should be able to go to the doctor and be healed without having to fear that they'll be bankrupted. Don't you see that? How can we consider ourselves a leader in the world when we fail our people so very badly?
I've given up hope that the wars we as a country are involved in overseas will ever end. I've given up hope that illegal wiretapping will ever be prosecuted. I've given up believing that my country won't torture.

But hey, who am I? I have no political clout in this world. I have a fantastic Senator whose office I can call and know that they will hear me. But I also know that when it comes to having Barbra Boxer's back on important issues, you won't. You'll aim for compromise with the Republicans. Every. Single. One of them will then proceed to vote against the compromise you've forced to happen.
You know, I get happy chirpy emails from OFA telling me how great everything is. Let me tell you Mr. President, it isn't!
Eh. Why am I bothering?


Christina said...

I read - and I completely agree!!

shayera said...

Thanks Christina.

sirlarkins said...

Same here. Well said!