Friday, January 15, 2010

Things that shouldn't need to be explained

In the days since the tragic earthquake in Haiti, I've heard so much rampant stupidity come out of the mouth of right wingers. Things that make me question their humanity.
One of the things I've heard that has bothered me the most is the criticism of the President. The line goes: "well, he took 3 days to come out and talk about the Christmas terrorist attack and he comes out right away and talks about Haiti."
My head spins with the insanity.
Let's see, the Christmas terrorist attack failed. Asshole lit his dick on fire in an attempt blow up a plane. It was thwarted by other passengers on the plane! The plane didn't blow up! And I'm glad the President didn't come out and talk about it. Why is taking time and finding out details and facts a bad thing?
Haiti is an immense, horrible disaster. Thousands of people are dead. Millions are homeless. Do I really need to explain why it was critical that the President came out right away and said something?
In easiest possible terms, thwarted attack, no one dies, it's smart to take time to find out the facts.
Immense human tragedy, with massive amounts of lives lost, it's smart to react as soon as possible. It helps to keep more people from dying!

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Demeur said...

Well you'll be glad to know that George W. Bush is helping out. Now don't you feel better? snark!