Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Hey Harold, DON'T call me!

Last night failed Tennessee Senatorial candidate was on the Colbert Report, talking about how he's considering a run for the Senate seat held by Kristin Gillibrand.
Ford, who 4 years ago, lost his run for Senate from his home state of Tennessee, has recently decided that he may think about running.
Forget about the fact that he just registered to vote in NY. Forget about the fact that he's never been further Upstate than Brooklyn.
Ford's been hired by Merrill Lynch as a senior policy advisor. So he's the candidate of big banking. I should add, Mayor Bloomberg of NYC is in favor of Ford's possible run.
You know, the last two carpetbaggers who ran for the Senate in NY actually bothered to go visit the State, not just New York City. Hilary Clinton, before her run visited every single County in NY. There are 62 counties. Ford's taken a helicopter ride around the city.

If you watched the Colbert Report last night, you saw Stephen ask Ford some questions about his apparently flip flopping positions. Including those on gay marriage, which he's now conveniently in favor of.
But if you watched, you also saw Ford refer to his possible opponent as a "young lady." Now, you may have noticed that I'm not particularly fond of this idea of Ford's. But I'm generally in favor of primaries. Competition is good for the Democratic process. But you know something? Not so much in this race. Ford's a smarmy git at best. The least respectful term he should EVER use in referring to Kristin Gillibrand is: "my esteemed opponent." Young lady? Can he be any more condescending and dismissive? Hard to see how that is possible.

Gillibrand, Democrat for US Senate

Gillibrand's ActBlue page

By the way, as a former resident of the state, who still has plenty of family and friends in NY, Harold Ford will not get one vote from any of them.

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Demeur said...

Can't say I'm up on this race however should he get Tea Party backing then his fate is sealed.

Sure hope Palin runs in 12. That would be a commedians field day. Ms. Palin won't mind if we check her hands before a debate for crib notes.

米色大衣 said...

You may be only one person in the world, but you may also be the world to one person.............................................

PoliShifter said...

Harold Forld is a DLC Cororate hack. I am sick and tired of corporatist dems. I wish they would just join the RNC so we can work on electing more progressives and liberals.

As it shapes up November will be yet another election where the DCCC and DLC shove moderate repubican lite dems down our throats.