Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Listen carefully to me

I've mentioned time and again that I'm a civil servant, right?
Yeah, I work for the City of Los Angeles. And to be very clear, I am writing this post on my own time at my home computer. This is not being written during work hours using office equipment.

And if you have a moment, before I start my rant, head over to Save the Library and sign the petition if you wouldn't mind.

And now to what's making me beyond insane right now. Do me a favor. If you ever go into a library and have a problem, DON'T use "I pay my taxes." Got it? Don't do it. Here's the thing, so do I. And I'm not under any mistaken belief that the $.75 of my taxes that go to the library in any way shape or form pay my salary. And that's exactly the threat that is being made when the line "I pay my taxes" is used. It's among the most cliched, hack-kneed phrases out there as well.
Paying your taxes is not an excuse for being rude, bullying or threatening me or anyone else who works for the City for that matter.
Just don't do it.

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Demeur said...

Well don't feel like the Lone Ranger. The Seattle library has to close for a couple of weeks in spring and summer. But the sad thing is that so many people rely on it for job search and email access. I'm sure it's a very cost effective way to provide those services as I'm sure you don't take home any multi million dollar bonuses like some CEOs we know. :-)