Sunday, September 12, 2010

50 days

There are 50 days left before election day.
50 more days of media madness.
50 more days of teabaggers and their lunatic compatriots being given credibility.
50 days of issues being ignored in favor of imaginary controversies.
And frankly, it's exhausting.
I know good, honest people, some incumbents, some brand new, running for office.
Do I ever get to hear about where they stand on issues?
You know what I get to hear about.
The nutbag bullshit their opponents are pushing.
Lower taxes.
Repeal the 14th Amendment.
Drill more in the Gulf.

Really? Really?
I'm so tired of people with unserious ideas being given valuable time.

And I'm also so sick of people saying "well, I haven't gotten everything I wanted, so why should I bother to vote?"
The simple answer is, because if you don't, things will be so damn much worse.

1 comment:

Demeur said...

I know what you mean but there is another group, those of us who hope to keep our homes so that we can vote because if you don't have a home you can't vote.