Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rand Paul supporters knock woman to the ground and stomp on her head

Republican Rand Paul’s Brownshirts Assault and Stomp the Head of a Moveon.org Woman Before the KET Debate

The woman's name is Lauren and she's a volunteer for MoveOn. She's got a concussion and some spains from the attack. You can send her well wishes here: wellwishes@moveon.org

This is a second video, showing the attack from different angle.

It's horrendous. And both men were allowed to slip away into the night, like the slimy cowards they are. And oh, by the way, Rand Paul hasn't condemned the attack. According to Rand Paul, emotions were high on both sides. Unfortunately for Rand Paul, only his supporters knocked a woman to the ground and stomped on her head.

I've been thinking about this all day. I pretty much can't stop thinking about it. Lauren Valle is 23. I don't know how old the men who attacked her are. I think I'm pretty safe in saying their both significantly older than her. What if she had been the daughter or wife of one of them? What would they do if someone attacked a member of their family the way they did Lauren?

And other question. He was wearing sneakers. Just how hard did he kick her to give her a concussion?

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