Saturday, December 11, 2010

Love overcomes bigotry. Always

Mourners, pickets gather for Elizabeth Edwards funeral

I had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth Edwards when I was going to Library School at UNC. That was in '98 and '99. You know, before politics, really. She was an amazing person. A truly generous and kind person.
Have you ever seen pictures of the bigots from Westboro? They're rotting from the inside out.
I'm not much of a religious type. But I'm pretty sure, if there is any sort of an afterlife, Elizabeth Edwards will be greeted with joy.


Aunt Snow said...

It's impossible to understand how those peoples' minds work.

They can't harm Elizabeth, or her memory.

Demeur said...

I believe there is a part in scripture that says " You shall know them by their deeds". Referring to Christians this would be fitting to either side. I don't recall Jesus espousing hate either.