Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I will just never understand.

Apologies From Dubai. Nir Rosen: ‘I Feel Like Shrinking Now’

You know, I'd written a really long post talking about my trip to India and viewing both Asia and America as an outsider. And the women are viewed.
But in the end, what I really want to say seems to boil down to: If you feel like you need to make any comments (or jokes) about a rape (or assault) that anyone anywhere has suffered, don't. Just keep your mouth closed. You weren't there, you have no idea what happened and it's none of your business. What you say is: "I'm sorry that this happened to you and I hope that you will be all right."

edited to add this link: A thank you to CBS reporter Lara Logan for letting her story be known
which mentions many of the things I was talking about.
Half the world's population is female. Every single person who has ever walked on this earth is here because of a woman. We as a species need to do better.

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hope you a success shayera... women sure contribute a lot today