Monday, February 07, 2011

Los Angelenos, Please Support Measure L.

(Please note, this is written on my own time and on my own, private computer.)

Yes on L: Save Our Neighborhood Libraries

It's Library Lovers Month: Consider the Library

Dear friends,

I am going to ask you a very big favor. Please, if you live in the City of Los Angeles, please vote Yes on Measure L on March 8, 2011.
It is very rare that I drop my snark and ask something honestly and sincerely.
The last few years have been exceedingly difficult for the library system. We've faced cuts to our supply budgets, cuts to staff and cuts to hours. This is the first time since the library opened that branches are not open 7 days a week. Even during the Depression, Central Library was open 7 days a week.
I joke about my job a lot, but I do honestly love it. It gives me pleasure to be a public librarian. We don't just help people with books. We help people find jobs. We teach them basic computer skills. We help students. And sometimes we're the only safe place for a child to be.
Measure L increases the Library's portion of the budget by 0.01% over 4 years. IT IS NOT A NEW TAX. I put that in all caps so that there would be no confusion about it. Your taxes as a City of Los Angeles resident will not go up to pay for Measure L. But whether L passes or not, we in the Library, will be required to assume operating costs for the Library.
If Measure L passes, we will be able to hire staff in order to restore library hours to 7 day weeks. And maintain our book budget. The Los Angeles Public Library system needs Measure L to pass.
I hope that you will consider voting Yes on the measure.

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